Jennifer B. Davis
I judged a capstone business plan presentation today at the Oregon Graduate Institute today and met someone who has read this blog (thanks!). Made me marvel how time has flown by since my last post.

There has been a new school year, new opportunities and projects on the professional front, and no shortage of fun things to work on (this blog, apparently not being one of them). Since August, I have gotten a promotion, traveled domestically and internationally, launched over a dozen new products that I am excited about, wrote no fewer than 6 new songs, and have been enjoying being a wife, mom, and friend. I am blessed. I hope the past few months have been positively eventful for you as well.

I have a few more doodles to post and some thoughts to document here, but before all of that, I wanted to wish you all a happy Fall and say I haven't forgotten about you and the fun times we have had together exploring ideas of innovation on this blog. Okay, the fun that I have had. :)

I have heard of people spending the whole month of November (Thanksgiving month) documenting the things they are grateful for and counting their blessings. I count this blog and the folks who read and comment on it among my blessings.

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