Jennifer B. Davis
It is a very common blog post now-a-days...folks bemoaning and apologizing for not updating their blog. I could publish the same sentiment.  It has literally been ages (in dog years, it would be "eras") since I have posted, but I have very good reasons.

1.  I've been incredibly busy.  Work, family, life, and a host of other things.  Same as you.  Okay, no news there.
2.  I have more regularly been posting shorter thoughts and bursts of inspiration on Twitter and on FaceBook.  Professionally, I have been more active on LinkedIn. For those who really want to follow me, you should find me there.
3. I have been a guest blogger on Runco, Planar, InfoComm All Voices, and even recently on Electronic Design.  You can follow me there as well.

I look forward to connecting with you and promise to give this blog (and some of my recent reading, conference curriclum and business learnings) some attention here in the coming months.