Jennifer B. Davis
Here is a free, virtual white board, designed and hosted by a small little outfit call General Electric. It is taking the web by storm, causing waves of viral marketing, and probably not selling any jet engines. It is fun, though, and it makes me wonder where GE's ImaginationCubed is headed?

Maybe even GE does things...just because they can.

Invite me to color with you if you want via email. And, feel free to send me a Wacom tablet if you actually want to be able to make sense of what I draw or write.
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  1. Alan Says:

    Our company discovered a website with a downloadable program whereby we could upload a set of construction drawings for review by people in various settings. It allowed one party at a time to markup, revise, notate, zoom in a particular detail, and a few other handy things. The idea was that we, the fabricators, engineers, architects, contractors or other interested parties could conference on a set of drawings for a building project from our respective offices. It is intended to save time and money by not having to all get together in a common location for the review.

    I had not experienced the process, but had viewed a Power Point demo on how the system worked. This was the day before we were leaving for our annual builders conference in San Diego.

    When my time to demonstrate the program for our builders, I got up front and we started the demo. About 2 or 3 minutes into the demo we developed techical difficulties and I was left standing next to a blank screen. I completed the demonstration with a pointer describing what would have been on the screen if images were there. I finished my demostration, sat down, and carried on like nothing adverse had happened. I didn't finish the demonstration because I had any vested interest in the program. I did so because I could. That is the way with alot of these things. The are there because whoever put them out there could.