Jennifer B. Davis
"Interested in learning advanced business concepts, but don't have the time or money for a traditional MBA program? Business schools don't have a monopoly on worldly wisdom - if you care more about increasing your effectiveness at work than a diploma and a few lines on your resume, the 'Personal MBA' is for you." - Josh Kaufman

The Personal MBA is a online community that is reading 33 business books on a variety of interesing topics. I can personally recommend many of the titles and others on my"to read" list. Look at the manifesto for more details.

So, here is a thought. Get a group together at your work. Get your employer to pay for the books and some meals for the group meetings (this would be A LOT cheaper than tuition reimbursement for a real MBA program) and shared your own business school. Classmates could write papers for each other to critique. They could devise their own presentation assignments and reference hand-outs. Doing two books at month (and two meetings to discuss them and present out would take just a little over a year, if you went straight through. I think this could be a lot of fun and a very practical way to broaden the thinking and improve the business acumen of an entire group. You could even print certificates at the end!

If you do this, you can go ahead and call it the "Davis School of Business" if you want.
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