Jennifer B. Davis
Have you ever wished you could draw, sketching your own likeness on letters, book covers, or the like? Well, it has never been easier!

Design-Her Gals lets you customize the look of a "paper doll" choosing your body type, hair style, coloring, outfit and accessories. Then, you can print your likeness on a variety of stationary items, stickers, t-shirts, etc. A portion of the proceeds goings toward stage 4 cancer patients. It was fun to play, if nothing else.

If you aren't a "gal" or if sketches aren't your style, you can always try the Mini-Mizer and picture yourself as a plastic lego character. The link to the kid-safe version (you can only imagine what the alternatives might be).
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  1. kristi w Says:

    It is amazing how much time I can spend making doll likenesses of myself! This reminds me of some of the make-over sites that Trinity and I play on :-)