Jennifer B. Davis

The kids were playing in the yard today and I was enjoying hearing them decide what characters they were going to be. It made me think that at some point we stop deciding what characters we are, but that doesn't keep us from being characters in terms of having a defined dress code, language, location, strengths, weaknesses, and purpose for being. We are all characters, but we don't put much thought into the choices we have about all of these things.

So, if we were to imagine something different for ourselves (personally, professionally, in our work, in our play), what would it look like? I can't help but believe that daring to imagine would in itself open doors.

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  1. Russ Small Says:

    As an Imagination Coach I help clients see through the illusions that prevent them from creating an identity that rewards them will fulfillment. It is never too late to pick a new character to become! Thanks for sharing. Your Imagination Coach , Russ Small