Jennifer B. Davis
Over this holiday week, I had a chance to do something really fun: fused glass jewelry art. We started at a glass studio (thanks, Teresa!) and ended up at home working with my very talented sister, Rebecca Hull, to finish off the designs. These feature the motifs that are common in my doodles.

This first one uses transluscent glass with bits of colored glass (amusingly called "frit") and some copper wire that oxidized into a rich deep purple color. It was Becca's idea (surprise, surprise) to put two mounts on the pendant. Very interesting!

The second looked like a tree with graphic flowers and leaves before it fused, but afterwards it looked very "under the sea" with crackled glass elements catching the light and little bubbles under the glass. Becca finished it off with curly-cue wire - just my style!

I have stacks-and-stacks of cartoons to post, but until I get them scanned, I can post doodles around my neck!
2 Responses
  1. kclock Says:

    Really nice Jennifer - I love the item in the photo and your creativity.

  2. Chris Foleen Says:

    Very interesting to see that the metals included in the glass oxidize and color the surrounding glass. Makes sense, since metal oxides are the main coloring agents in vitreous enamels (the kind fired onto metal as in Faberge eggs). Might be worth investigating the coloring properties of other metals such as aluminum or nickel to see what other effects may be achieved.