Jennifer B. Davis
A good friend blogged recently about taking a personality test. This got me thinking about all the great self-reflection tools that are available, for free, on the Web.

Although Myers-Briggs (the quintessential personality test) is a for-fee test, there are many look-alikes online. You can find one at Humanmetrics (only 72 questions on one long page) and some additional information on the Personality Page (which also includes personality profiles).

Other types of tests that I like include the Enneagram and Emotional IQ. I remember taking the enneagram in graduate school and joining others with the same profile. It was amazing to see the similarities in the groups that the test had discovered.

In professional environments, I have used a lot of tools including DiSC Profile and Interpersonal Style (which frankly I like better because the vocabulary is easier to explain and remember; this site compares some of the common personality test themes).

In other news, here is a site that analyzes your personality based solely on which of a series of images you choose. For me, the results were scarily (eerily) correct. The 1 minute personality test!
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