Jennifer B. Davis
I was told about a great service the other day that combines so many things that I love (internet technologies, personalization) while allowing you to pay tribute to people you love. The site is called MuchLoved and on it you can create and post tribute websites to loved ones who have passed away. They can include photos, life stories, timelines, journals, and ways that the grieving can share their thoughts and pictures, as well as donate to relevant causes. The sites can either be public or you can invite a selected audience. MuchLoved is a registered charity and they accept donations. There are for-profit companies doing similar things, like or, but I like the interface and feeling of MuchLoved much better. I could see how this service would be great for those extended networks of family and friends who are not physically about to participate in memorial services.

Shifting gears a bit, as I often do, I wonder if a similar set-up would work for other occassions.

  • Weddings ( features some features like this and it would be a great addition to the services provided by Bella Pictures).

  • Retirement roasts (a completely underserved market, it would seem).

  • Milestone birthdays.

  • Baby dedication/blessings.

As a parent to young children, I could see setting up a website to commemorate a baby's one year old birthday, allowing people to leave their well-wishes, photographs, and the like. It could live on in the form of a website, and perhaps the template could also feed a print-on-demand scrapbook to help commemorate the day!

In fact, the book could become part of the event it is commemorating, in the case of a wedding. The guest comments, stories, and advice submitted before the wedding, engagement photos, and the like could be combined with a guest book for the big day!

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  1. kristi w Says:

    A friend of mine who just lost her grandmother was lamenting how we "save" memorials for after someone's death. This kind of site where one could give tribute to a loved one would be a great gift - like you said - for retirements, anniversaries, special birthdays, etc.

  2. You can now do something very similar to what was described here at Enjoy!