Jennifer B. Davis
Since I am officially on every mailing list known to man, it should not surprise me that I regularly receive CIO magazine. Although not technically my field, I do find it interesting.

In a recent article by Carrie Mathews entitled "Future-State CIO" they include this handy graph, which I have included here. It make me think however, that the graph did not just apply to Chief Information Officers, but rather to all professionals looking to have a larger strategic impact on their organizations. As you move up in the organization, exert broader influence, and gain additional responsibilities, the percentage of your time spent in functional excellence decreases, being replaced with your role as a business strategist and leader.

We have all seen examples of people who didn't make this leap effectively, as with each move towards the "future state" the leader has to become more comfortable with giving up those things that might have made them successful in the past (ie, being the most technically competent, for instance). There have been books written about such leaps. This graph and the article spoke of an intangible "Executive Quotient" (EQ) that is required to perform at this more strategic level. I am interested in your feedback on this whole concept and your experience in developing your EQ.

So, all of your who are in pursuit of becoming the gallatic commanders of your companies and organizations, I wish you all the best as you leap beyond functional excellence to the future!
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