Jennifer B. Davis
We have a friend who likes spaghetti and marinara sauce, but only in the right ratio. He has more than once commented that the key to a good meal is all about the sauce to noodle ratio (his favors the sauce).

I wonder how much of life is summed up in the ratios. I ran across this provocative post on the ludicracy of planning and it got me thinking about the following ratios:

Planning: Doing - the ratio of planning to doing. Planning, scheming, discussing or diving in and achieving something (even if the achievement is failure).

Planning: Wishing - The ratio of planning to wishing. You can wish for something to happen. You can have an idea, but how much are you translating that to real plans, investments, and commitments.

There are other ratios that perhaps people might track in their own life (ie, listening:talking, playing: working, reading:writing) and credit as a secret for success. What's yours?

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  1. rodschmidt Says:

    "The Zen master hardly knows whether he is working or playing."

    However, his boss is keenly aware of the difference.