Jennifer B. Davis
"Anything, but beige" you say. If you love color and like to experiment, you will enjoy a site called ColourLovers. You can mix palettes (naming the colors yourself, which I always thought would be the best job at a paint or finger nail polish company) and see other combinations that people have come up with. You can search for the post popular palettes or select by colors that you are trying to match. Then you can use the palettes in your website designs or the like.

One of the top ranked palettes when I visited is featured here. It is called Chupacabra and it was submitted by EnaBean (who interestingly enough is 16 years old according to her profile and has put together what seems like thousands of combinations most of which are beautiful).
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  1. A colleague told me last week that ColorLovers is a Portland, Oregon based initiative (and the idea came from a discussion over Mac and Cheese at Montage - yum!).

    Another friend just sent me to Kular by Adobe, a similar color palette service. Very cool indeed!