Jennifer B. Davis
Fellow blogger and old college classmate, Jennifer Jeffrey, had a great quote on her blog the other day:
"Give up all other worlds, except the one to which you belong" - David Whyte

I thought this was a beautiful and thought provoking. I am not sure what context the phrase was originally penned or to what circumstances David was referring to, but it made me think about the power of focus.

Here are few things to keep in mind when focus is a priority:

1. Horizon
What does success look like? On what should you focus? To what "world" do you "belong"?

2. Perspective
What worlds are you willing to give up to allow you to belong in one world completely? One must be aware of their surroundings, so to speak, in order to focus.

3. Discipline
Just like a photographer will wait all day for the right light or move their tripod dozens of time to capture the right angle, so focus in any task requires discipline and persistence.
3 Responses
  1. kristi w Says:

    And I thought that photographers (one specifically who shall remain unnamed) who did that were just indecisive or really trying to annoy me. Just take the picture, will you?!

  2. TanyaLee Says:

    My question is: How do you know to which world you belong? And how do you know when to move from one world to another?

  3. Great questions, Tanya. I guess identifying your "world" in a virtual sense would be similiar to finding your way in the physical world.

    You could be super observant and make a guess (like people straining to read foreign language destinations in a European train station), you could consult a map (I bet you can think of a few helpful ones), or you could ask for directions. :) In any case, I think we all have to be prepared to take u-turns if our perceptions or the results are not working out as planned.