Jennifer B. Davis
"Another flaw in the human character is that everybody wants to build and nobody wants to do maintenance." - Kurt Vonnegut
Is this true? Or are some people "starters" and others are "finishers"? Some people are idea generators that can kick-off any number of great projects, but lack the skills or perseverance to see it to the end and maintain it. Are there folks that are actually better at maintenance and continuous improvements? Is it a flaw of human character or a personality test?

Would people rather build a kit car than change the oil? Would people rather build a house than clean it? Would people rather build a server, design software, or create a company, than join something that is already a success?
2 Responses
  1. kristi w Says:

    I'm afraid that is a ridiculous statement which shows a lack of understanding of human personality. There is a great psychological profile assessment called CARE (from Inscape - the guys who make DiSC). It highlights your primary and secondary gifts as a Creator - Advancer - Refiner - Executor. This has been one of the most helpful tools that our church planting team had - we still refer to it nine years later. Some people absolutely prefer to maintain something already in place or to improve upon something that someone else has created. If we didn't have refiners & executors, nothing would ever get done (says this refiner)!

  2. thinkerdog Says:

    Hi Jennifer - interesting application of the Vonnegut quote, and an interesting question. I'm sure there are a number of profiling methodologies (per the previous - if overly passionate - comment) and innumerable personality types, but I often revert back to seeing folks as "Inventors" or "Auditors" - and I find I characterize many more in the latter category. I'm afraid I can't agree with Mr. Vonnegut, in this case. In fact - too often I see a lack of willingness to step up and create. Instead, I see many people heavily invested in the maintenance of the status quo...