Jennifer B. Davis
As many of you know, I live in beautiful, if not soggy, Portland, Oregon. I read a shocking article today that claimed that Portland was the #1 UnHappy City according to Business Week. I know it is cloudy here and the rain gets a bit old, still I just can't believe it is true.

A colleague once told me that although it rains a lot in Portland, that just means that the ground is wet and shiny alot and we have more than our fair share of rainbows. I like her way of thinking!

The great photo above was found on Leslie Miles' incredible photo blog.

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  1. Kristi Says:

    I saw this study in another article recently. This flawed way of thinking assumes that rain = unhappy. I always see the gray clouds as a giant comforter under which our city is snuggled.

    Portland is always rated as one of the best cities to...have a baby, ride a bike, etc. This study seems highly suspect to me!