Jennifer B. Davis
Looking for a way to diversify yourself during challenging economic times? Looking for a fun business to start? Here are a few ideas that I offer for no charge at all. Enjoy!
  • Someone should start a candle company called "Brazilian Wax."
  • Or perhaps a surfboard wax company called "Back Wax."
  • What about a line of garden pest control products called "Snail Mail"? Your tagline could be "Send snails and slugs a message!"
  • Someone should invent a line of retail price or garmet tags that include a website or text number that you can access via your cell phone and call the business "Phone Tag."
  • "Sticky Business" would be the fun name of a tape or sticker company.
  • Start a real estate brokerage firm focused on selling parking spots and storage units and call it "Garage Sale."
  • Open a private investigation business called "Name Tag."
  • Create a line of clothing feature Disney characters (like the little bunny in Bambi) and funny phrases that they might have posted on Twitter. You could call the clothing line "Twitterpated."
  • You can buy candles that smell like fresh baked cookies or berries, but not bacon, BBQ, or other non-sweet scents. Start a candle company with a name like "Savory" that offers unique scents like "grilled onions" or "rosemary."

Now, I never did say they were good ideas. Maybe you can improve on them!

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