Jennifer B. Davis
I have ran across a few resources lately regarding color that I thought I would pass along.

The first is from a group called the Color Marketing Group. Their charter is to track trends in colors for professional fashion and interior designers. They publish an annual report, from which you can find highlights on their website, to detail what their research has indicated. The results for 2006? Reds lead the forecast and are considered the most "livable." They credit (or blame) the upcoming Beijing Olympics, among other influences. The leading blue is something they call "aqueous." A spa-themed cross between blue and green, often paired with chocolate brown. I might have guessed this one, because you are seeing that color everywhere.

Next is a cool tool called ColorMatch. This site allows you to mix your own cocktail of red, green, and blue to create your own shade. Then it provides you with the reference number for that color if you wanted to use it on your Website. You can see my BloggerAssist blog for information on how to use color on your blog or in comments.

The other thing that ColorMatch provides you is a handy matching palette of five other shades that coordinate well with the color you created. This would not only be helpful for choosing a palette for your next brand identity project or website design. It could also prove useful for picking exterior house paint, fabric for a quilt design, or finding colors that coordinate with the retro "harvest gold" sink in the downstairs bathroom.

You got to love a tool that was first created for a Danish web competition in 2001 and turned open source and now you can Google versions of it that address particular compatibility issues of this winning tool.
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