Jennifer B. Davis
Regular readers of this blog know I am a fan of customizable products. Here is one that might be of particular interest as temperatures plummet and you are out shopping amidst crowds of germs: personalized Kleenex brand tissues.

$4.99 plus shipping and you can put your own image and text on a Kleenex box, select top cover colors, and more. I think it would make a very creative "Get Well Soon" card!

Sadly, Kleenex also launched a new tag line: "Let it out." I am not kidding (groan).
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  1. kristi w Says:

    That would be a cute "get well" gift. A church or MOPS group or whatever could put a group photo on a bunch with a Thinking of You message from that group - ready to go when someone falls ill or is having a kleenex worthy event (e.g. PMS, break-up, pregnancy...).