Jennifer B. Davis
If I had a secretary, this is what I would ask them to do. I'd have their number on speed dial. When I was about town, I would see something and call him and leave a message. Let's say I saw a building and wanted to know what the company did or perhaps I heard friends talking about a movie and wanted to be reminded to view the trailer. He'd respond back to me (at a more convenient time and place) with a summary of more information and a list of additional links.

So, that is probably why I don't have a secretary. No matter. Now that Kwiry is in beta. You SMS something from your phone that you see/hear and it emails you what you typed, as well as a list of links where you can learn more.

Now, if only I could make sure Kwiry sent those text reminders to a real assistant would would go pick up the dry cleaning, download the song, or buy the gift. Then it would be perfect!

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