Jennifer B. Davis
Great post today from a former classmate of mine and now freelance writer, Jennifer Jeffrey on the importance of journalists, editors, and cultural commentators taking the time to connect the dots, even within their own publications. Apparently these guys (who each independently made a good point) needed to have the dots numbered for them like those activity puzzles you did as a kid. Otherwise, they missed the connection!

I too often find irony and insight in adjacent articles, blog posts, or tweets (for those of you not familiar, those are those micro-posts on Twitter). Some of my favorite bloggers do the same. I guess that makes me a synthesizer of sorts. I guess the thought process more closely resembles the dot-and-blocks game you might have played, where the dots are not numbered, but you try to create meaning out of the field of dots. The one with the most blocks wins!

Note: This is probably why I always feel so horribly behind with my blog posts.

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