Jennifer B. Davis
We just bought a few bottles of Vignette Country Wine Soda at Whole Foods and it is delicious. Non-alcoholic. Light. No added sugar or evil corn syrup. Yum! Beautiful bottle label, as well. Right now there is no distribution in Oregon and I am wondering why a local wine maker or grape grower hasn't created a product like this for distribution at New Seasons, Whole Foods locally (aka Wild Oats), and even at wine shops. You can buy it online for nearly $3 a bottle plus shipping.

According to the LA Times:
The Pinot Noir soda tastes of cherries and violets; Chardonnay soda has hints of pear and green apple. Refreshing and not too sweet, they're showing up on restaurant beverage lists, but you can also pick them up at specialty food stores and delis.

We agree!

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