Jennifer B. Davis

Is your Mom, your friend, your sister, or your co-worker absolutely remarkable? Then, you will love using the new Absolutely Remarkable mini-tribute. This new application allows you to create a custom, animated mini-tribute honoring someone and view it, send it yourself, or let us send it for you. If you know someone who is absolutely remarkable, you must check out this fun, free site.

Sort of like a movie studio will issue a trailer to build excitement for their new film, we are doing the same, building excitement for Remarkable. If you like Absolutely Remarkable mini-tributes, you will love the full-blown application and should sign up for the beta for Remarkable by Creative Outlet Labs.

Have fun using this and sharing it!

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  1. Lisa Milton Says:

    Hey Jennifer,

    Is there a button/widget I could stick on my blog, to promote your site?