Jennifer B. Davis
But this is a new twist...original art subscriptions. For $150, The Present Group will send you an original art piece (could be a painting, could be a sculpture). If you are still in the gift-giving spirit, they do have gift subscriptions.

They are quite upfront that the art might not suit your taste, but they remind you that it is "cheaper than what one might pay in a gallery." I think this might be another way to say that if you like one piece a year, you are probably getting your money's worth.

Makes me wonder why more things are not sold in subscriptions, if something as personal as art can be distributed in this way. I'd subscribe to a shoes-of-the-month club if the price were right and I had a little control over the style. I bet I am not the only one.

Why doesn't a jewelry company charge a single young woman for the year and then send them gift on the dates they specify (their birthday, etc)? Technically it would be a gift to herself, but the element of surprise might just add enough delight to make the idea work!
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