Jennifer B. Davis
Earlier I posted on the value of stretch goals that are unbelievable. Seeing no way to reach a target price point on an evolutionary or incremental path, people must thing revolutionary and be relentless.

So, how does this apply to service businesses? Seth Godin has blogged about the discipline of answering the phone in one ring. What other metrics like that could challenge your teams to think in new ways about the old problem of how to provide great service?

If a call center could always pick up after the first ring, here are some challenges for other service businesses:
  • Could a retailer guarantee that you'd never wait in line? I mean never. Not even for a second.
  • Could a beauty salon guarantee that your manicure will last until your next appointment or it is free?
  • Could a town car service provide flight delay insurance or traffic jam insurance to ensure that any costs and travel rearrangements associated with either would be handled? See previous post about bundling products and services.
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