Jennifer B. Davis
Years ago my husband drove a Toyota Tundra pick-up truck that was painted a rich blue with red tones in it. I believe the paint was called "Midnight Blue," and to my husband's color-blind eyes, it was navy blue. To everyone else, and especially in sunlight, it was purple. This drove him crazy and every car we have owned since then has been black. Don't-argue-with-me-about-the-color-of-the-car black.

So, imagine my surprise when Pantone selected a similar color for the "Color of the Year 2008." Blue Iris, they call it, as it clearly strattles between blue and purple just like the Tundra.

Frankly, I didn't know they had such a thing as a "color of the year." Let that be an inspiration to all of your marketers that wish to claim thought leadership and get some free publicity...issue a press release that sounds like news!
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