Jennifer B. Davis
There is nothing uglier than a compost bin (okay, other than the smell). A company in Bangalore, India called Daily Dump (a horrific name to be sure) has created some products that look tons better than the green plastic bins available at Home Depot. Cool Hunting suggested that if someone can do it "Banglore, there's no reason why people can't do it in Baltimore."

It somehow seems poetic that in a container garden of the future, some of the pots have things that are growing and others contain things that are decomposing.

This brings to mind however how so many utiliarian things could be made beautiful and marketed as a desirable, upscale product when today they are industrial products. Better yet, combine an element of green lifestyle and you have a winner. Why not rain collection systems that look like water features in the backyard? Why not solar panels built into pavement tiles? Why not a solar oven that looks more like a stylish backyard BBQ (and less like a space communication device)? And I am sure you can come up with a better company name!
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