Jennifer B. Davis
Want to test your touch typing speed for fun and bragging rights. Check out 10-fast-fingers and see your words per minute. Thanks Kristi for pointing this out.

Before you go out to check it out, however, ask yourself this: Are you more of a phone person or an email person? You know who you are and I have rarely met someone who didn't have a preference (sure there are some things you'd only do in person or over the phone, but most communications are not like that and you can choose without seeming insensitive).

I bet there is a correlation between the likelihood of being an "email person" and typing speed. I'd be interested in your thoughts. I type fast and am an email person.

I wonder if there is a similar test for reading speed. I even like my voice mails converted to text (using SpinVox) because they are so much faster to get through in this format. Then I can respond via email or call them back...inevitably getting their voice mail and repeating the cycle. I hear about services like Jott which let you call their number to leave yourself messages they will transcribe and e-mail to you, I can't help but think that someone really gets me.
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